Crohn disease in children

Crohns Disease LN

Crohn disease is a disorder that causes diarrhoea, belly pain, and other symptoms that affect the digestive tract. When our digestive tract is working normally, the body’s system kills germs and “bad” cells that would be converted into cancer. Sometimes, rather than killing only bad cells, something goes wrong and the immune system starts to attack healthy cells. That’s called an “autoimmune response.” This is often what happens in Crohn disease. If you have Crohn disease, your body is attacking the wall of your GI tract. This causes inflammation, which may result in sores (ulcers) and bleeding.

The most common symptoms include:
• Belly pain
• Weight loss
• Diarrhoea, blood in bowel movements, or both
• Being shorter or growing more slowly than normal
Some children with Crohn disease also get mouth sores, skin rashes, joint pain, liver problems, and eye redness. The symptoms of Crohn disease can bounce back or worse at different times. So far, doctors don’t have a cure for Crohn disease. But medicines and other treatments can help with symptoms.

es. Doctors can do the subsequent tests:
• Blood tests
• Imaging tests – like X-rays, CT scans or MRI scans. Imaging tests show pictures of the within body.
• A test called a “colonoscopy” – This test looks at the liner of the massive intestine. During this test, a doctor puts a thin tube into the rectum and moves it up into the last part of the digestive system, called the “colon.” The tube contains a camera on the end therefore the doctor can look inside the colon.
• A test called an “upper endoscopy” – This test looks at the lining of the stomach and upper a part of the small intestine, called the “duodenum.” During this test, a doctor puts a skinny tube with a camera on the end into an individual’s mouth and moves it down into the stomach and duodenum.
Doctors usually need to do of these tests to understand for sure if your child has Crohn disease.

There are many medicines which will help with symptoms of Crohn disease. Some medicines are used when symptoms are very bad. Other medicines help keep symptoms from starting or coming.
Some children with Crohn disease must drink a special formula for some months. Doctors might recommend only formula rather than food for a while, or formula additionally to eating a limited diet. This will help the lining of the digestive system heal. It would also help your child get the nutrients he or she has to grow. The doctor will check your child’s height and weight to make sure he or she is growing as normally as possible.

Your child may need surgery if medicines don’t help with symptoms. Or doctors can do surgery if Crohn disease causes certain problems. Doctors can:
• Remove diseased tissue
• Reopen part of the digestive system that is blocked

Dr. Harsh J Shah

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