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Food Pipe Cancer thumb

Food Pipe Cancer

Patients usually present with difficulty in swallowing food. The initial treatment is usually chemoradiotherapy (a kind of treatment for cancer) which is followed by surgery. This is the specimen of removed cancer of food pipe. The food passage was reconstructed with the tube prepared from stomach.

Gall bladder tumour thumb

Gall Bladder Tumour

North India is having one of the highest incidence of gall bladder cancer in the world. Even the incidence is rising in other parts of the country as well. This is one of the rapidly progressing cancer & requires removal of part of the liver along with the gall bladder.

Large Abdominal tumour thumb

Large Abdominal Tumour

This patient had a large tumour inside his abdomen. The tumour was approx. 30×20 cm in size & more than 2 Kg in weight.

Liver tumour thumb

Liver Tumour

There was a large tumour in the liver. In medical terminology it is named as ‘Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma’. Removal of such a large tumour was accomplished with good patient outcome.

Multiple tumours in large intestine thumb

Colon tumour

This patient had multiple tumours in large intestine. Two of his brothers also had same problem. Here, the entire large bowel had to removed because of cancer. Then a pouch is prepared from the small intestine to replace its function. Patient had a very good functional outcome.

Pancreatic body tumour thumb

Pancreatic Body Tumour

Large tumour arising from body-tail of pancreas. Usually spleen is also removed with this type of tumour, to achieve complete cancer clearance.

Pancreatic head tumour thumb

Pancreatic Head Tumour

Pancreas is the central organ in the body. It has three parts – Head, Neck & Body-tail. When the cancer occurs in the head of pancreas, patients develop pain, jaundice & weight loss. It requires a major surgery to remove this cancer.

Pheochromocytoma thumb


It is a tumour of adrenal gland. Adrenal glad lies deep inside abdomen, just above the kidneys. This tumour caused patient’s blood pressure to go very high. It require 15 days of preparation prior to surgery. Surgery is usually rapid & outcome is very favourable.

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