Pancreatitis treatment

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  • It is a condition that may cause severe belly pain.

    The pancreas is an organ that produces hormones and juices that help break down food. When this organ gets irritated or swollen, this condition is known as Pancreatitis. The pancreas can suffer from a variety of diseases.

    Most people recover from it without any long-lasting effects if adequate pancreatitis treatment is provided. However, some people get very sick.

There are several causes of pancreatitis. however, most cases are caused by gallstones or alcohol abuse:

  • Gallstones – Gallstones are stones that form within an organ known as the gallbladder. both the pancreas and also the gallbladder drain into one tube. If that tube gets clogged by a bile stone, neither of the organs will drain. when that happens, the fluids from each organ accumulates & which may cause pain.
  • Alcohol abuse – those who drink an excessive amount of alcohol for too long generally get alcohol-related pancreatitis. People with this form of disease sometimes begin to feel pain one to three days after drinking plenty of alcohol or after they suddenly stop drinking. they usually also have nausea and vomit.
There are a number of blood tests which will help your doctor find out if you have got this problem & decide pancreatitis treatment. it is also possible that your doctor will order a special kind of X-ray known as a “CT scan” of your belly to examine if belly pain is due to the condition in question.

Pancreatitis treatment is performed in hospital. There, your doctor can provide you with fluids and pain medicines to help you feel better. If you can’t eat, they can provide you with food through a tube.

Some people may get an infection, which might be treated with antibiotics. Alternative possible issues caused are fluid build-up around the exocrine gland or organ failure. Fluid build-up around the pancreas usually goes away on its own, however, if it does not resolve then it must be drained or treated with surgery. Organ failure is sometimes handled by a team of doctors in medical care.

Another vital part of pancreatitis treatment is to get rid of the reason for the this condition. If your pancreatitis is caused by gallstones, your doctor may need to treat it, too. People with pancreatitis from alcohol use must give up alcohol to keep from getting this problem again. More information on this condition can be found here.

Dr. Harsh J Shah