Jaundice is yellowness of eyes, urine & skin. It sometimes leads to intense itching of skin, anorexia & weight loss.

The yellow colour comes from Bilirubin. Whenever level of bilirubin rises in the blood, it imparts yellow colour on eyes, skin & urine. The reason for increased levels of bilirubin are many such as increased destruction of red blood cells, liver problems, blockage of bile duct etc.


Jaundice can occur due to variety of reasons, the commonest of which is liver diseases. Following are the causes of liver problems that cause jaundice.
  • Hepatitis
  • Liver failure
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Blockage of bile duct
  • Liver cancer

Jaundice treatment is done in a specialized jaundice treatment center or hospital. The jaundice doctor is usually called a hepatologist or a liver surgeon.

Jaundice treatment is performed according to the cause of jaundice. If blockage of bile duct is the cause then the patient will require stent placement or an operation. If liver disease such as liver failure, hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver cancer is the cause, it will require appropriate treatment.

Dr. Harsh J Shah