Eosinophilic esophagitis

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Eosinophilic esophagitis could be a condition that affects the oesophagus, the tube that carries food from the mouth to the abdomen. This condition is termed “EoE” for brief. In EoE, the oesophagus has cells known as “eosinophils” in it. Eosinophils control allergic reaction cells that don’t seem to be usually found within the oesophagus.

Doctors do not know what causes EoE. However, they assume it’d be caused by allergies, particularly food allergies.

EoE typically runs in families. It will happen in each youngsters and adults.

Symptoms are totally different, depending on age.

Adults and teenagers sometimes have symptoms such as:

  • Trouble swallowing – this can be the foremost common symptom. Some have pain with swallowing or desire the food gets stuck in their throat or chest.
  • Chest or higher belly pain
  • Burning within the chest (heartburn) that does not improve even after taking medication

Children sometimes have symptoms such as:

  • Feeding issues, like refusing to eat solid foods
  • Nausea or emesis
  • Belly pain

Yes. Endoscopy. Doctor puts a tube with a camera and light-weight on the top into your mouth and down into your oesophagus. He or she’s going to examine the lining of the oesophagus and take little samples of it. Another doctor can then check the cells underneath a magnifier to envision if you’ve got EoE

Treatment sometimes involves diet changes and medicines:

    • Diet changes – Your doctor may want you to avoid foods that would be inflicting your symptoms. You can:
      • Avoid the foods that almost all unremarkably cause EoE
      • Avoid the foods you’re allergic to – to work out the foods you’re allergic to, you may ought to see allergy doctor and have tests.
      • Go on a special diet and avoid all solid foods
    • Medicines – Doctors will use totally different medicines to treat EoE. One is termed “proton pump inhibitor.” This medication is typically used to treat acid reflux. Patients with EoE typically have acid reflux, however this medication will treat EoE, too.
    • Other medicines are steroids, that facilitate reduction in inflammation. They can be taken in a nebulized from.
    • Some patient may develop esophageal stricture & then the treatment will be esophageal dilatation.
Dr. Harsh J Shah