Post-traumatic pancreatitis

7. Post traumatic pancreatitis blog
  • A pancreatic injury is some form of trauma sustained by the pancreas. The injury can be sustained through either blunt forces, such as a motor vehicle accident, or penetrative forces, such as that of a gunshot wound. The pancreas is one of the least commonly injured organs in abdominal trauma.
There is usually a history of trauma to upper part of abdomen.
The doctors will typically look for following symptoms:
  • Pain in upper part of abdomen that goes to back
  • Fullness
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced urine output
  • The doctor will examine you & will ask for the above mentioned symptoms.
    The doctor may order one or all of the following tests:
    • Blood tests such as Amylase, Lipase etc.
    • USG Abdomen
    • CT Scan of the abdomen
  • Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will advise you hospital admission & treatment. The initial treatment involves providing adequate fluid support, pain medications & other supportive medication. Some patients may need ICU admission.

    • The treatment depends entirely upon the level of damage to the pancreas. The doctor typically looks for damage to the main duct of pancreas on a CT Scan. If the duct is damaged then your doctor will advise you an operation.

    • The surgery depends upon the part of pancreas damaged. Depending upon the judgment of the treating doctor a part of pancreas along with spleen may be removed during the operation.

Dr. Harsh J Shah