Liver Operation

27. Liver operation eng

Liver surgery is the surgical removal of a portion of the liver. This operation is usually done to remove various types of liver tumor or liver cystsr..

Liver operations are of following types:
  • Minor liver resection (small part removed)
  • Major liver resection (large part removed)
  • Hydatid cystectomy – removal of hydatid cyst

The goal of liver surgery is to completely remove the tumor and the appropriate margin of surrounding liver tissue without leaving any tumor behind. This option is limited to patients with one or two small (3 cm or less) tumors and preserved liver function , ideally without associated cirrhosis . As a result of these strict guidelines, in practice, very few patients with liver cancer can undergo liver resection.

Liver operation doctor also called hepatobiliary surgeon performs liver operation.

The most common complications following a liver operation are as follows:
  • Bleeding
  • Bile leak
  • Fever
  • Liver failure
  • Blockage of veins in legs
  • Difficulty in breathing
Dr. Harsh J Shah

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