Pancreatic Specialist


Pancreas is an internal digestive organ involved in two major functions: One is control of blood sugar by production of insulin & the second is food digestion by secretion of digestive enzymes. It is located in the upper abdomen immediately behind the stomach. It can be affected by a number of diseases & a

pancreas specialist

such as Dr Harsh Shah can only help you with proper diagnosis & treatment of such disorders.


Dr Harsh Shah - Pancreas specialist

Pancreas Doctor

Dr Harsh Shah is a renowned surgeon in Ahmedabad with a keen interest in pancreas operation. He is a superspecialist

pancreatic specialist doctor

working at Kaizen Hospital. He has been working in the field of pancreatic disease for many years & has successfully treated hundreds of patients with pancreatic problems. He routinely performs all the major pancreatic surgeries for pancreatitis & cancer. He is one of the best pancreas doctor in ahmedabad and His treatment is best for pancreatic disease.