Pancreas Doctor


Pancreas is an internal digestive organ involved in two major functions: One is control of blood sugar by production of insulin & the second is food digestion by secretion of digestive enzymes. It is located in the upper abdomen immediately behind the stomach. It can be affected by a number of diseases & a pancreas specialist such as Dr Harsh Shah can only help you with proper diagnosis & treatment of such disorders.


Dr Harsh Shah - Pancreas specialist

Pancreas Doctor

Dr Harsh Shah is a renowned surgeon in Ahmedabad with a keen interest in pancreas operation. He is a superspecialist pancreatic specialist doctor working at Kaizen Hospital. He has been working in the field of pancreatic disease for many years & has successfully treated hundreds of patients with pancreatic problems. He routinely performs all the major pancreatic surgeries for pancreatitis & cancer. He is one of the best

pancreas doctor

in ahmedabad and His treatment is best for pancreatic disease.

Diseases of Pancreas

Pancreas can be affected by a number of diseases such as acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer etc. Acute pancreatitis is a condition where the gland gets swollen whereas in chronic pancreatitis there is accumulation of stone within pancreas & narrowing of pancreatic duct. Pancreas cancer can occur in head, body or tail of the pancreas.

Acute Pancreatitis

Acute Pancreatitis

Swelling of pancreas
Pancreatic stones

Pancreatic stones

Stones & stricture in Pancreatic duct

Pancreas Head Cancer

Pancreas Head Cancer

Diagnosis & treatment

Few readily available tests can diagnose pancreas problems. However, a

pancreas doctor

may advise a few specific tests for accurate treatment. Blood tests such as lipase & amylase can diagnose acute pancreatitis readily. A CT Scan will diagnose all types of pancreatic diseases & can stage the cancer. CA 19-9 is blood test which can predict the tumour burden in pancreatic cancer. EUS & ERCP are advanced tests for further diagnosis & intervention.

EUS - Diagnosis, Biopsy, Stenting


Diagnosis, Biopsy, Stenting
ERCP - Biopsy, stenting, Stone removal


Biopsy, stenting, Stone removal

Pancreas operation

Majority of patients with acute pancreatitis & pancreas stones are treated without operation. Few may require

pancreas operation

also. Operations performed for acute pancreatitis is called necrosectomy, cystogastrostomy & VARD. Operation for chronic pancreatitis is termed as 'Frey's Procedure'. 'Whipple's Operation' is the name given to the operation for pancreas cancer. Given beneath is the illustration of such procedure.

Whipple's Procedure - Removal of tumour in head with reconstruction of digestive tract

Whipple's Procedure

Removal of tumour in head with reconstruction of digestive tract